Yard Supplying Timber

and Various Quality Materials in Norfolk

All the quality materials we reclaim and resell to all our customers are kept in our yard in Norfolk, with the door always open to customers to find the materials they desire. 

Mitchell Reclaim Ltd is a family-run business with an uncle and 2 nephews overseeing the running of the yard. Our inventory is vast, whether it’s bricks or timber, we are always on hand to personalise our service to your requirements.

The Supplies in Our Yard

We stock a wide range of new and reclaimed materials including:


  • Norfolk Red Bricks and Tiles

  • New and Reclaimed Pavements

  • Reclaimed Paving Slabs

  • Ridge Tiles

  • Copings

  • Chimney Pots

  • Reclaimed Plastic Doors in Frames

  • Reclaimed Plastic Windows

  • Internal Panelled Doors

  • Wood, Plastic, and French Patio Doors

  • New and Reclaimed uPVC Windows and Doors

Our Timber

Our yard holds a large selection of new and reclaimed timber, ranging in size from small to large to suit all your needs.

The variety of timber and fencing materials we stock includes:


  • P.S.E Timber E.g. Shiplap Cladding

  • T&G Flooring

  • Skirting Boards

  • Fascias

  • Mouldings

  • Pressure-Treated Fencing Materials

  • Feather Edge Boards

  • Pressure Treated Sleepers

  • Fence Panels

  • Pressure-Treated Decking

  • Plywood

  • O.S.B

  • Chipboard

Contact our supply yard in Norfolk for the range of materials we reclaim and resell, including timber.

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